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Our ultimate goal for this little corner of the website

is to improve your overall experience with us and to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about dining with us.

Can I cancel and get a refund once purchased?  

Yes, if you cancel your reservation with enough notice. We allow cancellations with a refund 5-days before the day you are scheduled to arrive, however, a £15.00 processing fee applies to all refunds. The fee is simply to cover the charge we receive from our payment provider for processing the refund. Please contact us via email if you wish to cancel your reservation.  


Can I give my reservation away or sell it?  

Yes. The reservation is completely transferable. Please note, however, that selling reservations for greater than face value may be illegal in your area. Anyone who purchases a reservation from another patron should take care to ensure that they have received a formal transfer of the reservation through the booking provider. Any reservations purchased on the secondary market are at the purchaser’s risk. We cannot accept responsibility for forgeries or misrepresentations.  


How do I transfer my reservation?  

If you wish to transfer your booking, please contact us at 

Can I reschedule my reservation?  

Yes, if you let us know via email at least 5-days in advance. If your request is made within 5-days of your originally anticipated arrival time, then it could mean it's too late for us to fill your table and will therefore be treated the same as a cancellation.


If we can fill your booking then a refund will be issued, if we are unable then the full cancellation charge will be levied. Please contact us via email if you wish to reschedule your reservation.  


Can I make changes to my table size after purchase?  

We will do our best to accommodate additions to table sizes, but due to the limited amount of space available at Y Parlwr, this will only be possible if the overall configuration of tables allows this. Please give us 72 hours notice for this.   

Is there a dress code?  

Our dress code is smart or smart-casual. 


Is Y Parlwr suitable for children?  

That depends entirely on your child. We allow children from 12 in the restaurant, and we love it when they enjoy the experience we provide. Please be aware that we do not offer a children's menu and a seat in the restaurant is a fixed price regardless of age.  


What is the largest table you can accommodate?  

You can book tables for up to 8 people online. Any parties larger than this we would ask that you email us with your requests. We can also consider a whole venue booking subject to minimum numbers of attendees being met.  

Do you cater for dietary requirements?  

*Please do not book online if you have specific dietary requirements*


We do not create a vegan menu or menus free from the most common allergens; we can however offer a vegetarian, pescatarian and carnitarian alternative to our menu.  


You are more than welcome, once informed of any allergens in our dishes, to ‘sit out’ a particular course (or courses), but there will be no reduction in price for this. 


When visiting us we ask that you have an open mind and have confidence in our preparation, therefore we do not cater for dislikes.  


Is Y Parlwr wheelchair accessible?  

Due to the historical fabric of the building and three shallow steps leading into the restaurant, we are unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.  


Have additional questions?  

If you have additional questions about ResDiary or your reservation, please contact us on or 07442 879 437.  


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