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About Us


The Restaurant

How can you be surrounded by all the raw beauty and energy Anglesey offers and not be inspired.
A location like Rhosneigr truly lights up your senses; I want to be responsible for an experience that feeds the mind and soul, not just the body.
Eating is such an intimate and tactile process; when you cook for someone, you are directly responsible for that person’s contentment.
Food is one of the greatest forces in our lives.
It gives us joy and comfort. It brings us together and makes moments and memories.

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Executive Chef
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Our Kitchen

Y Parlwr is at the heart of the Anglesey village of Rhosneigr, housed on the former site of the locally famous Sullivan's restaurant; a place for burgers, take-out and beach themed evenings.

In 2022, the fabric of our intimate

16 cover restaurant, tucked away in a quiet corner of the High Street, was completely transformed. Take a few steps down the side of the street-facing Janet Bell Gallery, and you’ll discover the area’s most unique fine dining experience. A feast for sight, smell, touch, hearing and [of course] taste; the aim is to feed the soul and mind as much as the body. 

Menus are overseen by our Executive Chef, Hef; he takes heavy inspiration from the locality to showcase the rich and disparate source of ingredients available in Wales.  

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